A Track

  • This is our longest track and the center of many of our special events and races including OMA, AMA, and Ohio Pitbike Association races.
  • Featuring two table tops, a rhythm section, and numerous jumps and turns it's sure to challege even the most experienced riders looking to have some fun!
  • Keep an eye out for one of our favorite events under the lights when we light up the track with industrial lights for an intense weekend of racing!

C Track

  • This is our shorter track which is perfect for experienced riders to get comfortable with the track or beginners looking to get some experience with jumps, turns, and ruts.
  • Featuring a rhythm section, a small tabletop, a step up, and jump!
  • If you're looking to get a loved one started in MX this track is a good start!

Kids Track

  • As the name suggests this track was build with our young riders in mind!
  • This track offers our younder riders the opportunity to get off of flat ground with small bumps, hills, and turns sure to get them confortable riding their bikes!
  • There is no age limit on this track so we encourage our adults to take a few laps with there loved ones to help with an nerves they may have when getting started!

Indoor Track

  • This track offers our customers the opportunity to get out of the cold/rain and can be used year round!
  • In the winter months we will offer several racing opportunities for our customers who have that competitive itch!
  • This track is perfect for birthday parties and special events for your young ones and their friends!
  • Our tracks will undergo many modifications throughout the year to keep the tracks fresh and provide new challenges for our riders.
  • Before the tracks open each day we go through our prep process to ensure the best surface possible for a long day of riding.
  • Track availability will always be dependent on weather, if our tracks become to wet and dangerous for our riders we will close them so be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts!